Design for an Audience

A talk at the University of Copenhagen.
April 26, 2018

Revisiting Cybernetic Serendipity

A talk at the National Academy of Sciences.
March 13, 2018

Ice Worlds: Visualizing Science at The New York Times

A talk at the SciVizNYC conference.
Dec. 1, 2017

Antarctica and the Planets

A talk at Brown’s department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences.
Oct. 19, 2017

The Antarctica Series

A Times Insider discussion about Antarctica in virtual reality. At the Newseum in Washington, D.C.
April 28, 2017

Apps That Count

An informal talk about personal and health tracking.
Oct. 19, 2016

See, Think, Design, Produce 3

With Mike Bostock, Alyssa Goodman and Edward Tufte in San Francisco.
Feb. 11, 2015

See, Think, Design, Produce 2

With Maria Popova, Randall Munroe and Edward Tufte in Seattle.
Aug. 7, 2014

See, Think, Design, Produce

With Mike Bostock, Bret Victor and Edward Tufte in San Jose.
May 6, 2014

Two Little Ducks

A talk at the 22nd Malofiej conference in Pamplona, Spain.
March 27, 2014

The Weight of Rain

A talk at the second Visualized conference in New York.
Feb. 7, 2014

For Your Information

Interview at Gestalten Space in Berlin.
Nov. 5, 2013

Respect the Reader

A two-day intensive workshop on information design at Gestalten Space in Berlin.
Nov. 4–5, 2013

Storytelling with Data

Opening keynote for the first Tapestry Conference, in Nashville.
Feb. 27, 2013

”Wonderful, brilliant.” — Edward Tufte

Visualizing Science for Communication

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nov. 2011

Explaining Health Data to a Non-Technical Audience

National Cancer Institute
Oct. 2009

Science and Health Graphics

Condé Nast
April 2008

Information Graphics

IG Conference, Newport
Nov. 2007

”Everything needs to be bolder, but I like how your mind works.” — Richard Saul Wurman

Election Mapping: Beyond Red State, Blue State

AAG Mapping the News Conference, Washington D.C.
May 2004